Private Practice

Northwest Ohio Speech is a company of health professionals dedicated to the total rehabilitation of individuals within its realm of care.


Private practice services are currently provided in our office by speech language pathologists, using sophisticated, state of the art, interdisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, to identify and treat speech and language disorders in both children and adults. 


Outpatient assessment and intervention is available but not limited to the following conditions:  developmental language delays, developmental apraxia of speech, articulation and phonological disorders, auditory processing disorders, stuttering disorders, aphasia rehabilitation, swallowing and feeding disorders, voice restoration, and non-verbal communication via AAC device consultation. 


Our team of Speech Language Pathologists is also available to mentor interns at the graduate level, supervise clinical fellows in the field, and use telepractice sessions as needed to implement services. 

Educational Staffing

In addition to treating persons on a private, individual basis, Northwest Ohio Speech employees also render services to children ages 0-18 in area preschools, charter and public schools, and early intervention programs. 


Our staff of Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Psychologists are certified and licensed to provide assessment, intervention, consultation, screening and Medicaid billing documentation as a related service within a school setting. 


Our school staff may also provide additional support in the form of in service training, staff education, and consulting services. 

Healthcare Staffing

Our Northwest Ohio Speech staff of Speech Language Pathologists is available as a contracted provider of home health care services, skilled nursing facility rehabilitation services and residential workshop related services on a part time, full time, or PRN basis.


Our therapists are ASHA certified, Ohio/Michigan licensed and qualified to provide the most current evidence based practices.